• Winner of 3 Grammy's, and 19 Nominations, including nominations for Best Engineered Album (Toto), Best RnB Album (Prince), Best Pop Instrumental Album (Prince), Best Soundtrack Album (Dreamgirls), Best Jazz Vocal Album (Dana Owens), Best Pop/Gospel Album ( Stephen Curtis Chapman), and Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album (Handel's Messiah - A Soulful Celebration). 
  • Recorded the Academy Award winning song "Glory" by Common and John Legend, from the movie 'Selma', and one of the engineers for the Emmy award winning recording (Outstanding Sound Mixing) 'Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour Live from Melbourne'.
  • Began career as a tape-operator in 1979 ( in the days when there was tape to operate! ) at Matrix Studios in London, England, under the tutelage of the  Chief Engineer Nick Bradford ( Genesis, Elton John etc ....) Mr.Bradford was a purist and a perfectionist, and I am forever indebted.
  • Recorded in studios in England, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Japan and USA (LA, Minneapolis, New York, & Nashville).
  • Recorded the music, and was audio supervisor for the live performances of two ballets composed by Vangelis (Oscar winning composer of "Chariots of Fire" ) both of which were commissioned and performed by the Royal Ballet Company.   The first, 'Prometheus' , was performed at The Royal Opera House in London and at La Scala in Milan.  The second, "Beauty and the Beast" , was also performed at The Royal Opera House. These productions were significant as they marked the first time that either venue had ever allowed pre-recorded music to be used as the main accompaniment of a live performance.
  • Designed and mixed the sound for Vangelis'  live performances at Royce Hall, UCLA, in Los Angeles, 1986;  and at La Caracalla,  Rome, 1989 .
  • Notable Mis-credits on album liner notes include:
  • Deaf Suitcase ;  Herbert 'Herbie" Sutcliffe ;  Hoover Sutcliffe ;
    Jeff Sutcliffe ;  Lord Jeremy James Sutcliffe ; Sooty Sutcliffe;  Tonmeister Jess ; Tony J.Sutcliffe  ; & The Viscount .
  • Recorded half of the basic tracks for "Page of Life" by Jon and Vangelis on an Akai MG1214 12trk analog ½" recorder/mixer, on the top deck of a 140' luxury power yacht while cruising the Aegean Sea.