• Began career as a tape-operator ( in the days when there was tape to operate! ) at Matrix Studios in London, England, under the tutelage of the brilliant Chief Engineer Nick Bradford ( Genesis, Elton John etc ....) Mr.Bradford was a purist and a perfectionist, and I am forever indebted.
  • Recorded in studios in England, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Japan and USA (LA, Minneapolis, New York, & Nashville).
  • Recorded the music, and was audio supervisor for the live performances of two ballets composed by Vangelis (Oscar winning composer of "Chariots of Fire" ) both of which were commissioned and performed by the Royal Ballet Company.   The first, 'Prometheus' , was performed at The Royal Opera House in London and at La Scala in Milan.  The second, "Beauty and the Beast" , was also performed at The Royal Opera House. These productions were significant as they marked the first time that either venue had ever allowed pre-recorded music to be used as the main accompaniment of a live performance.
  • Designed and mixed the sound for Vangelis'  live performances at Royce Hall, UCLA, in Los Angeles, 1986;  and at La Caracalla,  Rome, 1989 .
  • Notable Mis-credits on album liner notes include:
  • Deaf Suitcase ;  Herbert 'Herbie" Sutcliffe ;  Hoover Sutcliffe ;
    Jeff Sutcliffe ;  Lord Jeremy James Sutcliffe ; Sooty Sutcliffe;  Tonmeister Jess ; Tony J.Sutcliffe  ; & The Viscount .
  • Recorded half of the basic tracks for "Page of Life" by Jon and Vangelis on an Akai MG1214 12trk analog ½" recorder/mixer, on the top deck of a 140' luxury yacht while cruising the Aegean Sea.
  • 3 time Grammy winner ; recorded and mixed a whole bunch of records that have been nominated and have won Grammy's ; recorded an Oscar winning song ("Glory") ; and an Emmy winner (The Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour)